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Lean-to's in the Adirondacks date back for more than 100 years. As an Adirondack native, I have had many opportunities to spend quality time in authentic, Adirondack lean-to's. These opportunities have provided me with life-long memories that will always be cherished. I now bring this same opportunity to you. The chance to create your own cherished memories in an authentic Adirondack lean-to.

We offer custom built authentic Adirondack lean-to's, gazebos and Adirondack cabins. These are hand-scribed and hand-chiseled which makes each one a unique item. No two will ever be alike. Adding to its uniqueness are a variety of options available to further customize your personal lean-to, gazebo or cabin.

If simplicity is more your style, we do offer a 3-sided, milled log lean-to or cabin.

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